Specialty Limited Availability Beers

Once they're gone... well, they're gone!

Founders KBS STOUT 

Grey Sail Captains Daughter Imperial IPA $13.99

Grey Sail Pour Judgement IPA $11.99

Thomas Hooker Nor' Easter Lager $9.99

Thomas Hooker No Filter IPA $11.99

Thomas Hooker Super Duper Double Citra 2xIPA $13.99

Conn. Valley Cetus NE-IPA $15.99

Conn. Valley All Aboard NE- IPA $15.99

Conn. Valley Ace of Aces American Lager $8.99

Conn. Valley New Frontier 3x CA IPA $15.99

Conn. Valley Sherwood NE-IPA $15.99

Two Roads / Aslin Under the Wire Hazy IPA $14.99

Farnam Hazy Camper Hazy IPA $13.99

Farnam Into the Mystic - 66 Milkshake IPA $14.99

Hanging Hills Low Hanging Fruit Brut Ale $15.99

Hanging Hills Metacomet IPA $11.99

Hanging Hills Oh New England - Amarillo NE - IPA $12.99

Hanging Hills Hills Pils Pilsner $9.99

Hanging Hills Mail Truck Pale Ale $11.99

Blue Point Winter Ale Ale $9.99

Springdale Good'n'You NE - IPA $15.99

Springdale / Counterweight Chat RoomI PA $15.99

Relic Leaf Storm 2x IPA $11.99

Back East Palete Mallet IPA $10.99

Collective Gose w/ Guava Gose $14.99

Revival Pinky Swear Raspberry Ale $14.99

Revival Hail Beary Blueberry Sour Ale $14.99

Revival Extra Thirsty 3xIPA $18.99

Stubborn Beauty Happy Trees American IPA $13.99

Stubborn Beauty Nummy Nummy American Imp. IPA $13.99

Sloop Juice Bomb NE-IPA $13.99

Sloop Double Juice Bomb 2x NE-IPA $13.99

Sloop (No) Santa NE-IPA $13.99

Six Point 4 Bean Barrel-Aged Porter $4.99

Jacks Abbey Eis Maker Lager Wine $10.99

Jacks Abbey Framing Hammer Porter $10.99

Ommegang Game of Thrones - Royal Reserve Variety Pack $19.99

Thimble Island Brut IPA Brut IPA $11.99

Badsons Conn Ale Pale Ale $9.99

Badsons Light Rider Lager $8.99

Badsons Double Doobius 2x - IPA $12.99

Stone Enjoy By 01.01.2019 Brut IPA $17.99

Harpoon Winter Warmer Winter $9.99

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout STOUT $11.99

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Wheat STOUT $13.99

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout - Orange STOUT $21.99